Cloud-delivered Data Protection
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Comprehensive enterprise security must integrate data protection natively. An Enterprise DLP provides consistent protection of your sensitive data, allowing organizations to discover, monitor, govern and secure sensitive data, everywhere it resides and moves, regardless of its location. The solution must facilitate an organization’s data protection and compliance efforts, not add to the burden of complex deployments and time consuming management.

Discover and protect sensitive data in SaaS apps, like Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite and Box, in private and public clouds like AWS and GCP, and on-premises. Through a cloud-delivered Enterprise DLP solution, implementation is simplified, data policies are unified and remediation actions are expedited.
Keep Data Secure and Private for Compliance
Regulatory compliance requirements are growing increasingly complex. GDPR and CCPA are raising the stakes for organizations to ensure sensitive data is monitored and protected at all times. Our Enterprise DLP solution is designed for that, helping to discover, monitor and protect sensitive data while at rest, in use and in motion, to help achieve compliance requirements.
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Enterprise Data Protection as a Service
Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP provides a cloud-delivered service embedded in your security platform for consistent and highly reliable protection of sensitive data for all traffic, applications, and users.
Reduces deployment complexity by eliminating the unnecessary use of point solutions
Reliable data detection and consistent protection to prevent breaches and implement compliance
Simplified architecture and management through integrated cloud-delivered service
Fast track remediation workflows with machine learning
Cloud-delivered service reduces operational complexity and costs
Implementing Cloud Data Loss Prevention
For SaaS Apps Discover sensitive files and emails across all cloud apps to minimize data loss.
For Internet Inspect your web traffic and protect all sensitive data from shadow IT.
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