Develop for Cortex

Join a growing developer ecosystem building innovative apps. Use comprehensive data and global threat intelligence to fuel AI and machine learning for your apps while growing your own business and reputation.

Bring new security innovations to market faster

Speed your time to market by developing apps instead of infrastructure, shrinking what once took years down to months. Building for the platform is easy, letting you focus on delivering your innovative idea, not collecting data or integrating with enforcement points.


Cortex™ is the industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform. It delivers radical simplicity and significantly improves security outcomes through automation and unprecedented accuracy.

Benefits of developing for Cortex

Streamline creation of your app with a suite of simple-to-use developer tools and Cortex services. You can focus on developing high-value security capabilities instead of building infrastructure or collecting data to fuel analytics. Cortex and the Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund help companies craft innovative technology that solves the most important security use cases facing our joint customers, providing them with:

Seamless customer adoption

Reach a marketplace of more than 50,000 Palo Alto Networks customers without having to develop, sell or deploy additional infrastructure.

Data access

Get access to Cortex Data Lake for normalized data stitched together across cloud, endpoint and network.

Speed to market

Accelerate your speed to market by building cloud-based apps for Cortex.

Key categories for innovation

Analytics and machine learning on rich data give the right insights and context to stop attacks.

Automated enforcement of protection spans endpoints, networks and clouds, including third-party threat intelligence.

Security orchestration and automation replace manual steps in analyst workflows. Teams can easily gather relevant data surrounding an incident to speed up response efforts.

Event and activity visualization explore threat data, correlate it and guide the most effective actions.

Get access to capital

We’re proud to offer a corporate Venture Fund, in collaboration with Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital, to help spur developers and entrepreneurs to create compelling new security apps for Cortex. Get the capital and tools you need to fuel your seed-stage, early-stage or growth-stage security company. We welcome you to apply for funding now.



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