Prevent Attacks Without Slowing Down
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For businesses, the web is the most common source of user productivity. But it’s also incredibly exposed to threats like phishing, malware infection, and credential theft. Stand-alone proxies or web filtering tools can combat these threats, but they leave you with critical security gaps putting you at risk, and requiring complex policies that slow down adoption of new business applications.

The cloud-delivered Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering subscription is a native component of our next-generation firewalls. It’s the best way to control not only web access, but how users interact with online content without increasing complexity for security teams. Sites are classified based on content, features, and risk, so you can enforce your security policy based on URL categories whether your users are mobile, on your campus or at branch locations.
Maximize Your Web Security
URL Filtering goes beyond the basics of web security to provide:
Threat Prevention Use inline machine learning to prevent new and unknown attacks instantly.
Minimize Risk Easily adopt security best practices including selective SSL decryption and credential theft protection to minimize opportunities for attack.
Efficiency Use URL classification within your NGFW policy to take total control of all web traffic.
Consistent protection regardless of location
Across hardware, software and NGFW form factors
What it Means For You.
URL Filtering allows you to create precise, granular policies for
Enforcing consistent web policy on your next generation firewall
Selective SSL based on URL categories to detect threats hiding in encrypted traffic
Dictating which sites receive corporate credentials and blocking unauthorized access
Preventing the upload/download of executable files or potentially dangerous file types
Automatically applying strict vulnerability and anti-spyware profiles
Allowing specific groups in your organization to access certain URL Categories
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