10 Benefits of SASE

SASE isn’t just a hot acronym. There are a number of very significant benefits you get from cloud-based administration of your networks and assets in a “Secure Access Service Edge” structure. Here’s 10 to think about:

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Complete visibility across hybrid environments

See everything that’s going on in your environments. Users, apps, data – it’s all under your watchful eye.

Control of users, data
and apps

What good is seeing everything if you don’t have control? Palo Alto Networks SASE solution, Prisma Access classifies traffic by application on all ports (so you don’t have to), relieving you of administrative burden while providing you with the control you need.

Monitoring and reporting

If you’re using multiple networking and security products, you know that each dashboard you add makes your work less efficient. A SASE solution puts everything in one place so you don’t have separate reports for various key metrics.

Less complexity

Skip siloed point security solutions. Also, there’s no need to ship, install, and upgrade hardware at your remote/branch locations – just connect to the Internet and you’re on your way.

Consistent data protection everywhere

Consistency across locations and environments (including SaaS apps, on premises repositories, and more) is a lot easier when you’re deploying everything from the cloud.

Reducing costs

Learning, managing, and paying for a variety of point security solutions isn’t cost effective. Period.

Lower administrative time and effort

It isn’t time effective either! Administering a variety of solutions is a headache. There’s also the vendor relationships to manage and training to keep up with. This makes things a lot harder than they have to be, and puts brakes on your ability to scale.

Reducing the need for integration

Why spend time figuring out how to integrate disparate solutions when you can have one that makes things smoother from tool to tool, platform to platform, and environment to environment? Built-in integration is much easier.

Better network performance and reliability

If things are slowing down or unreliable, your users will be in your ear all day with tickets. A high-performance SASE solution keeps things flowing at the speeds your organization needs.

Greater agility

Opening a new branch? All you need is an Internet connection, instead of having to wait for a fully individualized configuration. Now, your company can go anywhere business takes you.

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