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What Is SASE?

Secure access service edge, or SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is an emerging cybersecurity concept. It is the convergence of wide area networking.


How Zero Trust and SASE Can Work Together

By combining SASE and Zero Trust principles, companies can achieve ZTNA with a single solution to apply security policies across their network.


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Key Requirements

A secure access service edge (SASE) brings together networking and network security services in a single cloud-based platform


SD-WAN and SASE: How Do They Relate?

Many companies use SD-WAN to securely connect branch offices to their corporate networks instead of relying on traditional MPLS connections


Protecting Data with a SASE Solution

Companies collect and process massive amounts of information, ranging from confidential business data to sensitive intellectual property


Cloud Access Security Brokers: A Key Capability of a Secure Access Service Edge Solution

Cloud access security brokers deliver security policy controls for SaaS applications, providing a means to enforce data protection policies


Prisma Access (GlobalProtect Cloud Service) Datasheet

Global expansion, mobile workforces and cloud computing are shifting the locations of your applications, data and users. These changes introduce new opportunities for business efficiencies, but they also create a set of unique cybersecurity challenges.


SASE: Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Learn how SASE provides cloud-delivered security


Why the World Needs Next-Gen SD-WAN and SASE

Watch this webcast to learn more about SASE’s place in today’s cloud era. We’ll show you how SASE can address your networking and security needs with a unified, consistent approach to SD-WAN and security.





모바일 인력을 보호하는 방법

클라우드 제공 보안을 통해 모바일 인력이 이 대화형 웹캐스트에서 액세스 권한을 제공하고 지속적인 가시성과 보호 기능을 유지하는 방법을 알아보십시오.


So schützen Sie Ihre mobilen Mitarbeiter

Erfahren Sie in dieser interaktiven Schulung, wie Sie dank über die Cloud bereitgestellter Sicherheit Ihren mobilen Mitarbeitern Zugriff, konstante Transparenz sowie Schutz ermöglichen können.





Comment garantir la sécurité de vos collaborateurs mobiles

Découvrez comment la sécurité par le cloud peut permettre à votre main-d'œuvre mobile de fournir des accès et de maintenir une protection et une visibilité constantes.


Cómo proteger a los trabajadores itinerantes

Descubra cómo la seguridad basada en la nube puede permitir a los trabajadores itinerantes proporcionar acceso y mantener una visibilidad y protección constantes con esta presentación interactiva.


Protezione per la forza lavoro mobile

La protezione fornita tramite cloud offre accesso sicuro, protezione e visibilità costanti alla tua forza lavoro mobile. Scopri come in questa presentazione interattiva.


Rethinking Zero Trust Network Access for a Zero Trust Strategy

A Zero Trust strategy is not a plug-in solution. Zero Trust Network Access can be one aspect of an end-to-end approach to Zero Trust.
Ben Forster,


Simplify Your Move to the Cloud with SASE

Simplify your move to the cloud with SASE. Learn how Prisma Access, our SASE solution provides a complete cloud-delivered solution for your organization in this video.


Protect Data, Apps & Users with SaaS Security

Protecting data, apps and users is difficult. With Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security, take back control and visibility. Learn more in this video.


The Evolution of Modern Networking Challenges

Learn about the evolution of modern networking challenges in this infographic and how a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) can provide both networking and security in a single solution.


Prisma Access Best Practices Webcast

Networking and security professionals around the world are trying to securely scale mobile workforces. Join our webcast to learn how SASE can help.


QuickStart Service for Prisma Access

Read this datasheet to see how Palo Alto Networks can accelerate your implementation of Prisma Access to protect your remote networks and mobile users.


Video: Network Security’s Future Is in the Cloud

Prisma Access, a secure access service edge (SASE) platform, brings together industry-leading security and SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud.


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for Dummies

This Dummies book dives into the core capabilities and benefits of a secure access service edge (SASE) solution.

White Paper

Secure Transformation: Replacing Remote Access VPN with Prisma Access

This solution brief provides an overview for using GlobalProtect Cloud Service as remote access VPN.


Securing Remote Workforces with Prisma Access

Learn to secure remote workforces with Prisma Access. Prisma Access is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution for securely connecting users anywhere they are, to applications and services everywhere, including the cloud (public and private), SaaS, your data center and the Internet.


Why Proxy-Based Firewalls Are Not Enough

Can proxy-based firewalls really help keep users safe? We examine some of the drawbacks that prevent them from being effective security tools.
Evin Safdia,


Data Security for the Future: DLP and Secure Access Service Edge

DLP provides visibility across sensitive information, enabling strong protective actions to safeguard data from threats and policy violations.
Mario Espinoza,


Zero Trust Network Access: Build Your SASE on a Solid Foundation

Prisma Access is based on the key zero trust network access principles, extending them across all the services within a SASE solution.
Jason Georgi,


Deploying Prisma Access at Palo Alto Networks

This technical white paper reviews requirements and deployment strategies to help end users benefit from journey and insight of Palo Alto Networks IT departments migration from GlobalProtect™ cloud service to Prisma™ Access.
Palo Alto Networks,
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