Secondary Market Policy


The secondary market policy for previously owned Palo Alto Networks devices provides you with the necessary steps required to ensure that the secondary market device can be supported and used. If you are considering the purchase of previously owned Palo Alto Networks equipment on the secondary market, please review the requirements below prior to the secondary market purchase to determine if it will meet the requirements in this policy. If you have additional questions on the secondary market policy, please contact your local sales representative.

Policy Requirements

Any licenses or subscriptions that come with the device are not transferrable to you and are considered expired by Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks will have no obligation to provide any support or services under any previous licenses or subscriptions that come with the purchased device.

Before hardware devices that are purchased on the secondary market may be licensed for use, including the activation of support and subscriptions, the following requirements must be met:

  • Devices may not be lost or stolen. If the device is determined to be lost or stolen, then it will NOT be re-certified and will be requested to be returned to Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks may pay for shipment of the device, but will not pay for the device itself.

  • Devices that are currently end-of-sale cannot be re-certified. For our current end-of-life policy and listing of products, please see our End-of-Life Announcements.

  • Upon receipt of a purchased device on the secondary market, you must place two orders through a Palo Alto Networks authorized local reseller. The first order must be for a non-refundable certification fee and the second for a one time activation fee and the purchase of a one year support subscription (you may purchase a longer support subscription if desired but the purchase it at minimum a one year subscription). The purchase of other subscriptions or services are optional.

  • After the two orders have been placed, Palo Alto Networks will send instructions on the verification process that will be used to determine if the device is in good working condition. The verification process will involve verification tests to validate hardware is in good operating condition, the generation and uploading of a technical support file to our support portal, and may require an internet connection to allow a Palo Alto Networks engineer to test the device remotely.

  • If the device is determined to NOT be in good working condition, the re-certification fee will not be refunded, and the second order will be cancelled.

  • Once all of the above steps are met, the remainder of your order will be processed and your Palo Alto Networks device will be ready to use.