Third-Party Components Support


Palo Alto Networks, Inc. has the following policy regarding the use of third-party transceivers, power supplies, hard drives, or other components used within the Palo Alto Networks devices.

  • If a customer uses a third-party component in a Palo Alto Networks device, and a fault is traced to the use of this third-party component, then at Palo Alto Networks’ discretion, support and warranty service may be withheld.
  • If a product fault is determined to not be related to the use of third-party components, then Palo Alto Networks will continue to support the customer per our standard support policies.
  • At no time will hardware RMA support be provided on third-party components. If hardware is replaced and the fault is determined to have been caused by the installation of a third-party component, Palo Alto Networks reserves the right to charge for reasonable time and material rates for the service provided.