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“Cortex XDR, it's a really simple tool. You see an alert. You see a rule. You see a problem. You click on it. You deep dive. You can look down that line. You can trace what's going on. You can very quickly find what the answer is. Not only did it reduce the number of incidents we had to look at, but the time taken to action those incidents was also reduced.”

Peter Fletcher,
Director Cyber Security,
San Jose Water Company

“With XDR what's really helped is we're able to be a lot more proactive instead of reactive. It just makes the midnight alerts a lot quieter, because we don't get them all the time anymore. To where it used to be I would get 400 or 500 alerts a day. Now I'm down to maybe seven or eight...We're not spending six hours on incident response, we're spending 10 minutes”

Bret Lopeman,
Senior Security Engineer,
Ada County