Tackle today’s toughest SecOps challenges
Siloed security tools generate countless alerts and force your analysts to manually piece together information, slowing down investigations. Even with a large number of tools in place, most organizations lack reliable data and analytics.
What’s wrong with detection and response?
Too many disparate alerts Teams waste time chasing false positive alerts instead of analyzing real threats.
Manual, complex investigations Complicated tasks across siloed tools increase the mean time to respond.
blind spots
Teams can’t detect attacks quickly due to the lack of good data and analytics.
Detect and respond to attacks with Cortex XDR™, the only solution in the industry that dynamically stitches together endpoint, network and cloud data, applying machine learning and behavior analytics to uncover threats. The cloud native offering takes a completely new approach to how security analysts consume alerts today. Cortex XDR delivers a 50x reduction in alerts and 8x shorter investigations.

Our approach to detection and response
Full visibility to detect stealthy threats Eliminate blind spots and detect hard-to-find threats with behavioral analytics.
Incident management to ease investigations Group alerts into incidents to reduce individual alerts by 50x.
Automated root cause analysis Easily understand the source and progression of attacks.
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Eliminate blind spots with the full visibility across network, endpoint and cloud.
Uncover stealthy attacks with machine learning and analytics.
Speed investigations with root cause analysis.
Ease deployment and increase agility with a cloud native solution.
Reduce TCO by simplifying operations and avoiding siloed point tools.
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