Don’t go it alone. Here’s why.
Lack of time Most teams don’t have the time to proactively hunt for threats
Lack of resources Many teams lack advanced threat hunters dedicated to finding attacks
Missed attacks Without manual threat hunting, organizations may not find the stealthiest attacks
Unrivaled visibility uncovers threats that siloed tools miss

To detect attackers hiding in your organization, our analysts hunt through a broad set of data from Palo Alto Networks and third-party security solutions. Because Cortex XDR gathers endpoint, network and cloud data, our threat hunters can pinpoint attacks involving any host, anywhere in your environment, including unmanaged devices and remote users.
Let our world-renowned hunters work for you
Built on Cortex XDR The rich data and analytics of Cortex XDR power unrivaled threat hunting
Backed by Unit 42 Let world-renowned threat hunters monitor your environment for the stealthiest attacks
Enriched with context Cross-customer threat intelligence informs Threat Reports and Impact Reports
Transforming Detection and Response: A SANS Product Review of Cortex XDR

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Expert Unit 42 threat hunters

  • Ceaselessly search your environment for adversaries, malware and malicious insiders
  • Use deep knowledge of Cortex XDR data and expanded access to analytics to unearth threats
  • Provide you with detailed and actionable Threat Reports, Impact Reports and alerts
Clear, prescriptive results let you act with confidence
Learn about attacks instantly with detailed Threat Reports
Stay ahead of emerging threats with Impact Reports
Receive guidance and recommended next steps to resolve incidents
Directly communicate with Unit 42 analysts to review their findings
Reduce business risk by quickly uncovering stealthy threats

See what Cortex XDR customers have to say

Harel Insurance "Cortex XDR provides us, in a single agent, an advanced solution that prevents sophisticated attacks, provides us great visibility with forensics capabilities, and helps us detect and respond to attacks. Cortex XDR frees time for our security team to focus on what is important to the company."

– Gil Srebro, Manager of Networking and Security, Harel Insurance

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Cherwell Software “Once we got Cortex XDR in, we had the relief of knowing we were seeing real viable data, information we could react to, information we could act on, and what the endpoints were doing. There was this tremendous relief that now we could be ahead of the situation."

– Greg Biegen, Director of Information Security, Cherwell Software

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