Unlock the Power of Your Threat Intelligence

Dealing with millions of indicators daily, security teams are overtaxed to extract real value from their threat intelligence.

Threat feeds vary in quality and relevance, forcing analysts to manually tune and score them before they can be distributed to enforcement points.

External threat feeds provide a wealth of data that may or may not be relevant to incidents happening in your network. How do you quickly uncover the critical threats?

Managing threat intelligence today is still a highly manual and repetitive process, and the sheer volume of data results in a lag between intelligence processing and action.

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Unlocking the Power of Threat Intelligence

An inside look at our approach to threat intel

June 15, 2021 | 10 am PT, 1pm ET

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A better approach to threat intelligence management


Leverage a central threat intelligence library for your enterprise

Unmatched visibility into the global threat landscape is yours with native access to the massive Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence repository (54 million malware samples collected and 72 million firewall sessions analyzed daily, plus strategic intelligence from Unit 42) and integrations with hundreds of other threat intelligence sources.
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Automatically map threat information to incidents

Your incident data is the most relevant source of threat intelligence available to your organization. We automatically map and enrich incidents with external threat data to help you identify relevant threats as well as surface connections between threat actors and attack techniques previously unknown in your environment.
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Operationalize threat intelligence with automation

We help you act on this intelligence by leveraging automation to parse, prioritize and distribute relevant threat information to your security controls in real time for continuous protection.
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Our Products

The industry’s most complete Threat Intelligence Platform


Automated threat intelligence management

  • Take advantage of powerful native threat intelligence

  • Collect and correlate all threat intelligence sources and incidents

  • Visualize enterprise-relevant IOCs

  • Aggregate, parse and score indicators with precision

  • Act on threat intelligence with automated playbooks and 600+ integrations


Automated threat intelligence

Proactive blocking of known threats

Automatically block known threats by aggregating, deduplicating and syndicating protection for millions of indicators sourced from any supported threat intelligence feed.

Dynamic allow/deny list administration

Eliminate downtime with automated playbooks to extract valid IP addresses and URLs to exclude from enforcement point EDLs.

Cross-functional intelligence sharing

Use indicator connections to create structured relationships between threat intelligence sources. These relationships surface important context for security analysts, threat analysts and other incident response teams, who can collaborate and resolve incidents via a single platform.

Why Choose Cortex XDR?



Ironclad protection with AI-driven local analysis

Signature-based security with minimal zero-day protection

Broad endpoint protection suite features included standard

Complex or separate firewall, device control & encryption

Flexible response with scripting & direct endpoint access

Minimal response focused on block lists and quarantine

Single, integrated agent with low performance impact

Burdensome agents that frequently scan endpoints

Coverage across Windows, Linux, macOS, Android & ChromeOS

Incomplete or outdated operating system support

Cloud-delivered management to streamline operations

Complicated mix of cloud and on-premises management

Enterprise-wide security with extended detection & response

Siloed, endpoint-only protection