Leverage identity for a more secure cloud
What is Zero Trust
Managing a large number of privileged users with access to an ever-expanding set of sensitive resources can be challenging. On top of that, cloud resources themselves have permission sets that need to be managed. Prisma™ Cloud helps you leverage the identity of cloud resources to enforce security policies and ensure secure user behavior across your cloud environments.
Learn where you need to manage identity
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Manage and secure identities across your cloud environments
IAM Security Secure and manage the relationships between users and cloud resources. Enforce governance policies to ensure that users and resources behave only as intended and do not introduce risk to the environment.
Access Management Ensure least-privileged access to cloud resources and infrastructure and decouple user permissions from workload permissions.
Machine Identity Decouple workload identity from IP addresses. Leverage tags and metadata to assign a logical identity to applications and workloads, and then use it to enforce ID-based microsegmentation and security policies that adapt to your dynamic environments.
User entity behavior analytics (UEBA) Continuously analyze the behavior of users and resources in your cloud to detect and prevent anomalous behavior, such as an admin logging in from an unknown location or a container accessing a file it should not be able to access.
Complete cloud native security
Comprehensive cloud native security across the full lifecycle, in and across any cloud.
Visibility, governance & compliance Understand cloud environments, maintain compliance and enforce guardrails.
Compute security Secure containers, hosts and functions across the application cycle.
Network protection Protect networks and enforce microsegmentation across hybrid environments.