Visibility, governance and compliance for the entire cloud stack
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The first step to a strong security posture is deep, contextual visibility. Prisma™ Cloud gives you insight into all cloud entities and shows how the relationships among them affect your security posture. Once you know what you have, where you have it and how secure it is, you can enforce customizable governance policies that keep your cloud compliant with internal and external standards.
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Get complete visibility in and across clouds
Asset inventory Dynamically discover new resources upon deployment in the cloud and track historical changes for auditing purposes. Gain a unified view of your security and compliance posture across the full cloud native stack, complete application lifecycle and cloud environments.
Governance and compliance Continuously monitor all cloud resources for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and other security threats. Enforce government- and company-mandated compliance requirements using the industry's most complete library of compliance standards. Easily generate reports for audit.
Data security Continuously monitor cloud storage for security threats, such as unencrypted storage volumes. Govern file access and mitigate malware attacks. Protect sensitive data and prevent leaks.
Shift visibility left Gain visibility and enforce governance policies across the entire application development lifecycle, from IDEs, SCM and CI tools to production environments running workloads as well as cloud services across multiple clouds.
Complete cloud native security
Comprehensive cloud native security across the full lifecycle and across any cloud.
Compute security Secure containers, hosts and functions across the application cycle.
Network protection Protect networks and enforce microsegmentation across hybrid environments.
Identity security Manage and secure identity across workloads, users and cloud services.