Manage vulnerabilities across the application lifecycle
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Prisma™ Cloud integrates with any continuous integration workflow, scans Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), and continuously monitors running environments to prioritize risk across hosts, image base layers and application frameworks. Easily understand which layers of an image have vulnerable components so you can quickly remediate.
Implement the Docker and Kubernetes CIS Benchmarks
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With fully customizable checks that cover the Docker and Kubernetes CIS Benchmarks, Prisma Cloud monitors and automatically enforces compliance policies across the cloud native application lifecycle. Easily report on compliance for external regimens or internal frameworks for all your applications on Docker Enterprise and Docker Kubernetes Service.
Protect your applications running on Docker Enterprise
Prisma Cloud offers unmatched defense-in-depth with network and application firewalls, container runtime defense and host protection — meaning Prisma Cloud is the only security tool you need to defend your Docker environment against vulnerabilities and active threats. Machine learning-powered runtime protection models every application across containers and hosts, ensuring you have full-stack coverage.
Manage risk across your entire environment
Prioritize risk for hosts and containers, featuring top 10 lists, contextual risk factors and vendor fix information. Prisma Cloud ensures you have a complete view of security issues and vulnerabilities at any scale.