Built to secure Red Hat OpenShift
Palo Alto Networks is a Red Hat OpenShift® Ready Partner, helping organizations across government, healthcare, financial services and the intelligence community secure their cloud native environments on OpenShift. Prisma™ Cloud offers built-in coverage of Red Hat CVEs directly from the Red Hat OVAL feed and supports open container standards like CRI-O that power the OpenShift Container Platform.
Vulnerability prevention from development to runtime
Prisma Cloud prevents the deployment of vulnerable images across your environment with alerting and enforcement policies covering the entire application lifecycle. By integrating with Jenkins, or any other CI tools, and Red Hat Quay, or other third-party registries, Prisma Cloud secures your pipeline from beginning to end.
Achieve compliance for any internal or external regime
With over 400 built-in, customizable checks for the Docker, Kubernetes® and Linux CIS Benchmarks, Prisma Cloud can automatically enforce compliance policies across the cloud native application lifecycle. Use built-in compliance templates for standards like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA and NIST SP 800-190 or implement your own custom checks. Operate in highly secure environments with full support for air-gapped scenarios – with a SaaS or on-premises deployment option, you can maintain control of your data however you prefer.
Protect your applications running on OpenShift
Prisma Cloud offers unmatched defense-in-depth with network and application firewalls, container runtime defense, and host protection – meaning Prisma Cloud is the only security tool you need to defend your OpenShift environment against vulnerabilities and active threats. Machine learning-powered runtime protection models every application across nodes, containers and hosts, ensuring you have full-stack coverage for your environment.
Manage risk across your entire OpenShift environment
Prioritize risk for hosts and containers, featuring top 10 lists, contextual risk factors and vendor fix information, with specific threat intelligence from the Red Hat OVAL feed. Prisma Cloud ensures you have a complete view of security issues and vulnerabilities at any scale, both globally and down to image layers.