Meet compliance requirements
See how VM-Series virtual firewalls help ensure network security and regulatory compliance in VMware NSX environments.
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Get total SDN security
Find the next-generation firewall protection you need without sacrificing network performance to traffic hairpinning. Integrate VM-Series virtual firewalls with the VMware NSX software-defined networking (SDN) solution --and deliver critical threat prevention capabilities between individual workloads. Seamless service insertion allows NSX to dynamically steer traffic to VM-Series firewalls to enforce threat-prevention policies at the individual workload level.
Keep network security consistent
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VM-Series virtual firewalls are designed to boost network security efficiency everywhere and anywhere. These virtualized instances of the Palo Alto Networks end the need for multiple products and agents to enforce security across bare metal servers, virtual machines and public cloud workloads. A single pane of glass for comprehensive control and visibility provides complete visibility and management across virtual, physical and public cloud environments.
Automate threat response and policy deployment
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VM-series virtual firewalls seamlessly integrate into VMware NSX for simple, repeatable, and automated threat response. Once it detects a threat, the firewall automatically quarantines the infected workload via an NSX API call by applying a tag. VM-Series firewalls also leverage tags native to their infrastructure hosts--including NSX environments--to create tag-based security policies. Once created and tagged, new workloads automatically inherit their security policies.