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How Does SD-WAN Automation Simplify Network Operations?

Integrating your SD-WAN with powerful DevOps frameworks delivers agility, repeatability, accuracy and automation, thereby simplifying operations.

Press Release

Palo Alto Networks Introduces Industry's First Next-Generation SD-WAN Solution Enabling the Secure Cloud-Delivered Branch and Simplified Network Operations

As SD-WAN has become the primary WAN architecture, organizations are demanding solutions that deliver a better user experience while being simpler to deploy and manage. Palo Alto Networks...
Santa Clara, CA


Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix SD-WAN At-a-Glance

Enable the secure cloud-delivered branch with the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN.


CloudGenix Instant-On Network (ION) Device Specifications

The CloudGenix SD-WAN Instant-On Network (ION) models of hardware and software devices enable integration of a diverse set of WAN connection types, the cloud-delivered branch, improved application performance and visibility, and reduces overall cost and complexity of your WAN.


Get Started with Your SOC Transformation

In this kit, you’ll be able to access guides and white papers to help evaluate the people, processes and technology you need to successfully select and purchase the right EDR for your organization.

White Paper

Palo Alto Networks NGFW and Swivel Secure AuthControl Sentry Integration Guide

Technology Partner, Integration, Integration guide, use case, deployment guide, tech partner, Swivel Secure, authentication, SAML

References and Case Studies

Auto Trader Group Secures Its Digital Business with Holistic, Intelligence-Driven Extended Detection and Response

As a 100% digital business, the Auto Trader security team is focused on protecting customer data and preventing cyberthreats from disrupting its online services.

Press Release

How Connected Teddy Bears, Coffee Makers and Connected Cars Are Challenging Security Teams

SANTA CLARA, Calif. –September 16, 2020 – Smart teddy bears, implanted heart monitors, electric cars and other connected devices are regularly connecting to corporate networks, prompting technology leaders to warn that significant action should be taken to prevent these devices from being used to hack into businesses.
Santa Clara, CA

Research Reports

The Connected Enterprise: IoT Security Report 2020

In an ongoing effort to shed light on security threats posed by the surge in internet of things (IoT) device deployment, Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, commissioned research company Vanson Bourne to conduct a survey on IoT security practices.

Unit 42

Network Attack Trends: Attackers Leveraging High Severity and Critical Exploits

We captured global network traffic from firewalls around the world and then analyzed the data to examine the latest network attack trends.
Brock MammenYue GuanYu Fu,


VM-Series on Amazon Web Services


Prisma Cloud Compute Edition Pricing Guide

In this guide, learn more about the Prisma Cloud Compute Edition’s pricing module and see examples of pricing and usage models.


Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition Pricing Guide

In this guide, learn more about the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition’s pricing module and see examples of pricing and usage models.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is when a program takes new data, learns from it and makes changes without being explicitly programed to do so.


What is Enterprise Data Loss Prevention and Why Does it Matter?

Data loss prevention is a security strategy vital to enterprises, as it ensures confidential information does not leak outside of the corporate network.


Prisma Cloud Privacy Data Sheet

Describes how Prisma Cloud processes personal information


Webinar: 3 Myths Of Cloud Native Security

Every field has its persistent myths and misconceptions, and cloud security may be one of the most myth-heavy! Thanks to so much change in the field in such a short time, there’s probably as much confusion out there about the current state of cloud security as there is understanding of the facts.

Unit 42

The Challenge of Persistence in Containers and Serverless

The transient nature and strong isolation mechanisms of containers and serverless has made persistence harder for attackers to obtain.
Ariel Zelivansky,


Ultimate Test Drive Brochure

Learn more about our Ultimate Test Drives –guided, hands-on experiences with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform.


2020 SANS Firewalls Survey Webcast |Palo Alto Networks

Join our on-demand webcast to learn about the key SANS survey results and what IT investments and changes you'll need to achieve effective network security.


Continuous Authority to Operate Using Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud helps enable DevSecOps and containerized development, making it easier to achieve a continuous Authority to Operate (ATO).

Unit 42

Thanos Ransomware: Destructive Variant Targeting State-Run Organizations in the Middle East and North Africa

We observed a variant of the Thanos ransomware that attempted to overwrite the master boot record, a more destructive approach than previous versions.
Robert Falcone,


Prisma Cloud SLA

Prisma Public CloudService-Level Agreement

In The News

They fooled a lot of people.

Docker containers have been gaining popularity over the past few years as an effective way of packaging software applications.

In The News

Thanos Ransomware adds Windows MBR locker that fails every time

A new Thanos ransomware strain is trying and failing to deliver the ransom note onto compromised systems by overwriting the computers' Windows master boot record (MBR).


5 Things to Know About Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

5 valuable points to remember about machine learning in cybersecurity.


What is Zero Trust Network Access?

Learn how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) works and provides better access control for your remote users.


What is the cloud-delivered branch?

Simplify the connectivity and protection of branch offices with a cloud solution.


Command and Control Explained

Command-and-control attacks can compromise an entire network. Find out what they are and how they work.


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a criminal business model that uses malicious software to hold something of value for ransom or shutting down victim's operations.
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