Make your move to a prevention-based architecture

Tools, best practices and assistance to stay a step ahead

Take advantage of our expertise as you adopt a prevention-based architecture. Our transformational approach keeps you ahead of fast-evolving threats and simplifies operations to give you something you never expected from cybersecurity: peace of mind.

Transform quickly, efficiently and confidently

Transformation Services help you define and implement a prevention-focused security strategy that delivers measurable outcomes.

Using automation and a Zero Trust approach, the services help you streamline and simplify operations while strengthening your security posture. Harness our experience and extensive partner network to align your people, processes and procedures with business needs, elevating confidence and control to a whole new level.


Four steps to achieving complete transformation

There are four key milestones on the transformation journey: visibility, control, enforcement and integration. Read more about the levels in the white paper.

Transformation checklist

If you can properly deploy and operationalize them, new security innovations can help you keep pace with the growing sophistication and scale of threats.

Get our checklist to see where you stand in your readiness to adopt a prevention-based architecture that will strengthen your network security and simplify your operations.


Transformation Approach

Get the personalized services you need to achieve your transformational goals and requirements, based on our structured methodology.

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Threat Assessment Service

Get expert guidance about improving your security based on our rigorous analysis of your configuration and traffic.

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Network Enforcement Service

Enforce an advanced security policy and enable control evolution. Link to new Network Enforcement datasheet.

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Security Operations Services

Simplify investigations, improve response times and consistently execute on the SOC’s mission: identifying, investigating, and mitigating threats.

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Endpoint Security Transformation

Combine the most advanced endpoint protection products with the most capable people to reduce deployment time, minimize risks and increase productivity.

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Cloud Accelerator Services

Take the fast track to secure cloud adoption. Our consultants will guide you through deployment and build the right security foundation to enable your business in the cloud.

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