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Cortex products
The industry’s most comprehensive product suite for security operations empowering enterprises with the best-in-class detection, investigation, automation and response capabilities.
Cortex XDR Cortex XDR™ is the industry’s only detection and response platform that runs on fully integrated endpoint, network, and cloud data.
Cortex XSOAR Manage alerts, standardize processes and automate actions of over 300 third-party products with Cortex XSOAR – the industry's leading security orchestration, automation and response platform.
Cortex Data Lake Collect, transform, and integrate your enterprise’s security data to enable Palo Alto Networks solutions.
AutoFocus Make the world’s highest-fidelity threat intelligence with unrivaled context available to power up investigation, prevention and response.
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Customer stories

Cherwell Software “Once we got Cortex XDR in, we had the relief of knowing we were seeing real viable data, information we could react to, information we could act on, and what the endpoints were doing. There was this great tremendous relief that now we could be ahead of the situation."

Greg Biegen - Director of Information Security, Cherwell Software

Hear from Cherwell Software
WestJet “Demisto is life changing. By automating the mundane aspects of use cases like vulnerability management, phishing response, and account provisioning, Demisto frees up time for our security team to focus on high-value work.”

Mike Beauchamp - Security Automation Analyst, WestJet

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State of North Dakota "We desperately needed to do automation and to have a tool that filtered through all the noise. Cortex is doing exactly that. We’re seeing the noise going away and we’re getting to the important alerts that we hadn't seen previously."

Ryan Kramer - Enterprise Network Architect, State of North Dakota
Hear from the state of North Dakota
The Pokemon Company International “Demisto’s process modularity has helped us stay agile as we onboard new technologies in a fast-moving environment. Demisto is really the constant ‘sheet music’ that keeps our security orchestra going.”

Sean Hastings - Senior Information Security Analyst, The Pokémon Company International
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ADT Cybersecurity “Demisto has powered our analysts to be more effective. Automated context collection and response has minimized the need for manual work, allowing our team to proactively focus on security objectives.”

Rick DeLoach - Senior Information Security Manager, ADT Cybersecurity
Hear from ADT Cybersecurity