Your endpoints deserve the best security available

To stay ahead of fast-moving threats, you need AI-powered endpoint security that continuously learns new attack techniques. Cortex XDR™ offers protection that blocks all malware, exploits and fileless attacks to keep your endpoints safe
What’s wrong with endpoint protection?
Legacy endpoint security has failed Legacy antivirus burdens local systems and can’t keep up with advanced threats
Adversaries are evolving faster than endpoint protection Endpoint protection needs multiple layers of analytics that are always learning
The most sophisticated attacks can bypass the best prevention Detection and response must be a seamless extension of endpoint protection to contain attacks you can’t prevent
Stop all endpoint attacks with best-in-class prevention
Cortex XDR provides everything you need to safeguard your endpoints on all platforms. It combines industry-best AI and behavior-based protection to block advanced malware, exploits and fileless attacks. You’ll achieve consistent, coordinated security across your organization by integrating Cortex XDR with your existing network and cloud security from Palo Alto Networks.
Cloud native, AI-based protection
Stop all threats Block advanced threats with ML-driven local analysis, behavioral protection, threat intelligence and exploit mitigation
Coordinate your security Integrate with cloud-based WildFire® malware prevention service and share protections across a global community of users
Reduce your attack surface Safeguard endpoints with device control, host firewall and disk encryption with BitLocker®
Learn how ML-based analysis improves endpoint protection.
Stop malware with AI-driven local analysis and behavioral threat protection
Block the exploits that lead to breaches.
Get a single, lightweight agent for detection, response and endpoint protection.
Simplify operations with cloud deployment and management.
Securely manage USB devices with device control.
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