Serverless Security

Secure serverless functions across the full application lifecycle.

Serverless functions are event driven code snippets running on completely managed infrastructure. This allows developers to focus purely on the code. However, these applications are still vulnerable to attacks and require purpose-built security.

Learn more about best practices for securing functions on AWS Lambda.

Serverless applications deserve serverless security

Prisma® Cloud is purpose-built to deliver full lifecycle serverless security for AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions. Identify vulnerabilities and compliance violations during development, and protect running functions from nefarious activities as well as web application and API attacks.
  • Support for serverless across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Integrated security as part of the full application lifecycle
  • Visibility and protection across serverless environments
  • Vulnerability management
    Vulnerability management
  • Compliance
  • CI/CD and repository scanning
    CI/CD and repository scanning
  • Runtime visibility
    Runtime visibility
  • Runtime defense
    Runtime defense


Our approach to Serverless Security

Vulnerability management

Securing functions begins with understanding and controlling the vulnerabilities in packages being deployed and running. Prisma Cloud scans and continuously monitors functions for vulnerabilities. Start with integrated CI tooling and serverless repositories, and continue through runtime for a full lifecycle view.

  • Prioritize top vulnerabilities across functions

    Identify the highest priority vulnerabilities based on risk score and exposure across functions as well as Lambda Layers in your repository and runtime.

  • Leverage remediation guidance to patch quickly

    Vulnerabilities identified include package information and fix guidance.

  • Block functions that fail risk level

    Leverage CI integrations and runtime protections to fail builds and prevent deployments of functions with vulnerabilities that don’t meet your risk levels.

  • Continuously assess the posture of your repositories

    Get an up-to-date overview of the vulnerabilities in your functions as Prisma Cloud continuously scans repositories against our vulnerability database.