Visibility, Compliance and Governance

Monitor posture, detect and respond to threats, and maintain compliance with Prisma® Cloud.

Gartner forecasts that through 2023, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. Complete visibility into every deployed resource as well as absolute confidence in their configuration and compliance status is foundational to a robust cloud security posture.

Read about our unique approach to Cloud Security Posture Management.

Gain complete visibility into all your multi-cloud resources

Prisma Cloud provides security teams with full visibility into all of their cloud assets and simplifies compliance reporting. Prisma Cloud maintains support for more than 20 compliance frameworks, with support for custom frameworks, and enables one-click audit-ready reporting.

With a single solution, prevent misconfigurations and drift by immediately enforcing policy guardrails from a library of more than 700 pre-built cloud security policies
  • Support for the world’s five largest clouds
  • Complete visibility into every deployed resource
  • Continuously enforce compliance
  • Asset inventory
    Asset inventory
  • Configuration management
    Configuration management
  • Easy-to-use query language
    Easy-to-use query language
  • Compliance reporting
    Compliance reporting
  • Infrastructure-as-code scanning
    Infrastructure-as-code scanning
  • Automated remediation
    Automated remediation


Our approach to Visibility, Compliance and Governance

Cloud asset inventory

Maintaining a current inventory of deployed resources requires continuous discovery and automatic classification as soon as new resources are deployed. Prisma Cloud also maintains a history of configuration changes, enabling users to understand exactly when a new security issue was introduced and by whom, to simplify cloud forensics and auditing.

  • A single dashboard for all your cloud assets

    Continuously track resources across multiple clouds and surface their risk posture in a single view for comprehensive security.

  • Support for the world’s five largest clouds

    Enjoy comprehensive security for all your assets, with support for AWS®, Azure®, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Detailed resource classification

    Use API metadata to automatically determine the resource types that compose every environment, workload and application. Understanding the types of resources deployed is a key element to determining security posture.

  • Real-time and historical views into risk

    Track the risk posture of assets in real time and gain detailed historical context from fine-grained audit trail analysis.